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Logo saluran telegram pandabuyfind — Pandabuy Find 🔎🐼
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2024-04-22 15:14:22

The result of the meeting did not have any positive news that we all would have liked to hear, we do not yet have an actual date for the return of Pandabuy.
52.0K views12:14
Buka / Bagaimana
2024-04-21 14:27:53 News

From Pandabuy there is no news, but the known sellers are coming back online, obviously not being able to sell on PandaBuy, you can use other similar agents, such as;


Can the fact that the sellers are coming back online be good news?
34.4K views11:27
Buka / Bagaimana
2024-04-20 18:26:57 News

1) How much of the products we purchased and were stored are currently in the warehouses?
there is no news about what is the matter with the products in warehouse,we are waiting for the news from warehouse as you,pls wait more time.pls trust us,we will update the news once we got any confirmed infos

2) Has the Chinese police taken any products we have purchased that is stored or was on the way to the storehouse?
same as the first question,there is no news about what is the matter with the products in warehouse,we are waiting for the news from warehouse as you,pls wait more time.pls trust us,we will update the news once we got any confirmed infos

3) what date will us the customers be able to ship out what we have purchased from the warehouse? These are simple questions with simple answers. We the mass customers will
we cannot give yall an estimated time,cuz we really dont know it,we dont want to lie to our each customers i hope you can understand us

Message send by Pandabuy Staff
52.5K views15:26
Buka / Bagaimana
2024-04-20 15:36:26 Guys at the moment we have no news from Pandabuy .. It could take days, weeks or months.. no one knows but we have found another agent that allows you to buy and ship at very low prices! And it is still possible to order , Summer is coming , check here!

In the meantime I will keep you updated on pandabuy and we hope you will be back as soon as possible
56.7K viewsedited  12:36
Buka / Bagaimana
2024-04-19 14:44:14
28.8K views11:44
Buka / Bagaimana
2024-04-17 18:58:59 News
wait guys,im sorry for that i cannot reply pings one by one,cuz there are a lot pings.
i know yall are so worried and have lots of questions right now.
but we have really told yall everything we know already,but some ppl dont trust us,okay i can understand.

i want to explain some common questions again here
1.we really dont know when everything will back to normal,cuz it does not depends us. we are waiting for notification as yall

2.for the pinned messages,it's a news we just received that the warehouse workers predict that they will come to warehouse to sort out products in warehouse,but we dont know how they will sort out. so we have to wait for they sorted out and reply us

3.if your items are safe in warehouse --- after they sorted our all products,we will know what happened,and once everything is back to normal, the warehouse colleague will verify for you in time whether the stored orders/parcels are safe or not, please pay attention to the status of the orders/parcels.

Message send by PandaBuy Staffer
69.5K views15:58
Buka / Bagaimana
2024-04-17 18:04:41
67.7K views15:04
Buka / Bagaimana
2024-04-17 17:59:11
64.6K views14:59
Buka / Bagaimana
2024-04-16 21:36:26
Pandabuy expected to come back to take order to 18th
33.4K views18:36
Buka / Bagaimana
2024-04-16 14:56:23 I have great news to release on PandaBuy about what’s been going on recently !

I will release it on this group “ @aamazonfind when it reaches 3,000 members! Limited places, hurry up that the places end quickly to know the news
54.5K views11:56
Buka / Bagaimana