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𝐿ong 𝒯ext 𝓑ul𖣠l 𝐖ithyu !ৎ୭

Logo saluran telegram bulolwithyu — 𝐿ong 𝒯ext 𝓑ul𖣠l 𝐖ithyu !ৎ୭ 𝐿
Logo saluran telegram bulolwithyu — 𝐿ong 𝒯ext 𝓑ul𖣠l 𝐖ithyu !ৎ୭
Alamat saluran: @bulolwithyu
Kategori: Vanilla
Bahasa: Bahasa Indonesia
Pelanggan: 389.70K
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2023-07-07 20:30:48 selamatt malaam temen-temenn, ayoo moots an di ig sama zheel! zheel fb secepatnya koo no hoak :pp
1.3K views17:30
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2023-07-07 15:14:02 @wallpaperiddeas WPP LUCU BUAT ANDRO & IP
8.8K views12:14
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-07-07 15:14:02 solusi prank cowo cabul pake pap @kayagini
8.7K views12:14
Buka / Bagaimana
2023-07-07 15:14:01 AVA COUPLE SPIDERMAN?? di @avacouple
8.8K views12:14
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2023-07-07 15:14:01 @bioinsttagram bio unik niii buat akun ig?!??
8.8K views12:14
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2023-07-07 15:14:01 @highlightsthing IG KALIAN JADI AESTHETIC JOIN KE SINI
8.8K views12:14
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2023-07-07 15:12:53 DIJUAL CH
@bioinsttagram 45ks
@idoplaylist 35ks
@materialpint 55ks
Subs semua hasil pansos di @bulolwithyu no sfs or bot.
bisa nego tipis.
- bonus paid promote dimana aja asal 1 aja & upsubs main acc
semua subs channel hasil pansos di @bulolwithyu.
view & statistik bisa di bicarakan di rc @pasyaeraf SETIAP HARI SUBSNYA NAIK TEROSS
8.8K views12:12
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@highlightsthing instagram jadi aesthetic
@materialpint kumpulan AVA COUPLE
@gifngelunjak asupan meme
@idoplaylist asupan lagu
@fuckingpainlol asupan galau
@heallove reminder lucuu
@wallpaperiddeas wallpaper aesthetic!!
@bioinsttagram bio unik buat akun ig

open paid promote cek @ofcbulolwithyu
open upsubs cek : @upsubsbulolwithyu
Req ke @hatersrbot, sebelum request harus subs semua ch itu dulu.
7.4K views12:12
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2023-07-07 15:11:43 To you, my most precious person, words cannot express how much i love and cherish our time together. Each moment we've shared is truly a gift. You bring laughter, love, and comfort into my life. You're my inspiration, my anchor, my comfort, my sunshine, and my everything. You are my home, my love, my world. I am so grateful i found you, and i treasure every moment we've had. And I love everything about you, including the way you laugh, the way you smile, your eyes, your personality, your quirks, your thoughts, and your dreams. I love the little ways you make me feel special, the way you take care of me, and the way you make me laugh. I love the feeling of peace and comfort that I get when I'm with you. I love you beyond measure and with all my heart. I don't know if i was without you, maybe i would lose myself..with you, i feel i really feel the love you give me.

Created by @bulolwithyu dont repost without cr for publik
5.9K views﹙ৎ୭﹚𝘇𝗵ɘɘl, 12:11
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2023-07-07 15:03:31 good afternoon dear. how are you today? good or bad like you HAHAHAH no no I'm kidding dear.. how was your day, always beautiful right? yes beautiful like your face that's why I like to look at you deeply. oh yeaa, when will we meet again, I really miss you, let's talk about our meeting later! do you want to know or not, my test results passed, pray for me that with this new school I can accept all the existing rules. If you are enthusiastic about school without me, I will also be enthusiastic. the important thing is that our hearts are still the same, it's just that we have different goals. you are in a different school from me, sad but what can you do don't look away from other girls in your school, remember I'm here!

created by @bulolwithyu don't repost without cr
6.0K views12:03
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